Increase Your Powers of Influence, Mental Focus and Manifestation for More of What You Want on Purpose
How you perceive is how you speak and how you speak is how you createAh the power of words in the Journey of Increase!

Use this program to hone your powers of conscious influence and own your power as a creator. 

This 90 day program guides you in reprogramming your words, thoughts and sub-conscious mind. Your quick and tangible transformation will reflect in the results you experience. Ah exhale, we'll guide you each step of the way.

The ultimate outcome? 
 Give this the time it deserves and it will give you Freedom!

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A 90 Day Journal and Mind-Mastery Program to Increase Your Influence, Mental Focus and Manifestation Powers
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For More of What You Want on Purpose
"The results are astounding. In the first week I've observed myself saying things, changed it and even when I'm being interviewed it changes the outcome completely. This is amazing and it's only been a week!"

Anne B.T, New York
Be the first to know and receive special savings when the Journey of Increase relaunches soon!

Sue Tsigaros, Australia

Iris Group Pty Ltd

However I road-tested the Journal over several weeks with an open mind, and was amazed at the power and potential it offers. After writing a clear intention of seeing an additional $25,000 in revenue into my business bank account over what I had forecasted  – and applying myself with honesty and commitment to Stephanie’s process - this outcome occurred, within a few days.


Initially I could see the about a quarter of this money potentially becoming available, if certain proposals were accepted. However the remainder arrived in the form of introductions to brand new prospects, a former client unexpectedly returning, a bold approach to an existing client which I might not otherwise have done, and a completely new assignment offered to me, worth over $10,000 that I had no idea was coming. The timing was impeccable, and it all added up to exactly the $25,000 amount that I had written - I was amazed!


I believe these results are largely attributable to the level of focus this process requires and the increased feeling of personal power that it generates, as well as the carefully crafted structure of self-talk that this Journal and Stephanie’s process contain.


I have now added this to my daily practices and am excited to see what else can emerge through the consistent application of Stephanie’s process, over a longer time period - as my field of possibility expands!

Don't be fooled by the apparent simplicity of this powerful tool! Design excellence often appears simple when its actually a product of extreme complexity, deliberation and wisdom, artfully presented to attract the viewer!


This journal meets those exact criteria of elegant design.  I have personally found that the consistent use of this tool, with Stephanie’s process, can bring forth from your field of possibility, anything your heart truly desires - with amazing speed and accuracy. I have used and provided to my own clients, a variety of journaling and visualization tools over 14 years working as an Executive Coach, Business Coach and Organisational Development consultant. I was initially wondering how this Journal could be so different.

Praise for the Journey of Increase

Michael Landau

Vice President, EMagSolutions

"Stephanie's Journal of Increase is an incredible system that still has me in awe.  I had the impression that work was ok and I was on a decent path.  Yet something always felt incomplete or missing.  Since working with this system, I have experienced many levels of awareness, awakening and understanding exponentially more about myself, my alignment and my self-imposed limiting factors. 


In just one month of using the Journal of Increase and the 8 Protocol system, I have double my revenue and income, lost 18 pounds, feel great and so much more is just steps away from realization. All of this in weeks!  Amazing!  Simply amazing!"

Lauren Baptitse

Chief Creative Officer & Founder, Alcheloa Wellness

I was initially skeptical of the Journey of Increase program, not because of the protocol, but because of the overall premise that it could actually change my perspective on life. I couldn’t be any more wrong.

The Journey of Increase is a transformative, 90-day process that rewires the brain to invite more positivity and richness to your life. Whether it’s something tangible, like more money, or something more inward, like a deeper sense of gratitude, the program shed my scarcity-thinking mindset and invited more courage and abundance into my life.

The Journey of Increase program has a methodical way of realigning my actions with what my heart actually desires. It’s simple, yet effective. What you put into this program comes back 10x. Now looking back, I see how much growth I’ve made, including how I used to hinder my own potential. Not anymore. I highly recommend this program now!

Be the first to know and receive special savings when the Journey of Increase relaunches soon!

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